WORLD TYPE: Deathworld
IMPERIAL PRESENCE: Planetary Governor Yiran Khyber
ALLEGIANCE: Lord Damian Pythis
PDF: The Herat Dragoons

The burning world of Herat was terraformed eight millennia ago to allow it to support human life. Atmospheric terraforming, however, could not alter the dusty, lifeless surface. Life on Herat has always been hard, centered around the few major population centers, such as Khundar City, Jaspar, and Aglom. However, Herat remains an important location in Cruciger Sector, as it serves primarily as a fortress and early warning signal for the more populous worlds closer to the sector’s center. Invasions have rocked Herat time and time again, and always been repulsed.

For this reason, Herat has a heavy presence of the Sycorax Lancers at all times, under the command of Captain-General Phylla Worrm. It also boasts a contingent of the imperial navy and orbital shipyards, under the command of Admiral Paytar Malthus.

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