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The Cruciger Sector lies on the edge of the Segmentum Obscurus, opposite the newly-formed Cicatrix Maledictum, and is completely cut off from the sacred dispensations of Holy Terra. Ruled by the Sector Governor Damian Pythis, Cruciger stands at the very western edge of the Indomitus Crusade. So far, the sector has been little-affected by Guilliman’s expansion into the Dark Imperium.

With the vanishing of the Astronomicon from the sector, madness has spread over the worlds of Cruciger. The Guild Navigators are in disarray, grappling for control over the rapidly disintegrating spaceways. All things are in turmoil here in Cruciger. The only bastion of peace is the relatively undisturbed and unaffected region around Sycorax, the Sector Capital, nearest to the Scar.

Recently, the Black Templar battle barge Sacred Lord arrived in orbit around Sycorax, informing Lord Pythis that the Templars were beginning a crusade of their own: the Reclaimer Crusade. The Crusade’s Marshall, Claviger Angevin, assures Lord Pythis that ten more battle barges are on their way.

Meanwhile, the handful of Deathwatch Marines stationed at the Fortress of Edessa prepare for an onslaught of requests from a stranded and paranoid Ecclesiarchy under the uneven leadership of Cardinal Asphodel Maine.






Main Page

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