Khundar City

AUTHORITY: Headwoman Sofis Rumm, Planetary Governor Yiran Khyber
POPULATION: 9.5 million
DEFENSES: Herat Dragoons

Founded by the mythological desert warrior, Khallen Khundar, Khundar City is a sprawling mass of plaster, sandstone, and domed buildings. The city sits on the central plains of Herat, and serves as the planetary capital, with its own nearby spaceport. Most interplanetary travel on Herat comes here, through Khundar. This has resulted in the growth and sustenance of the Khundar Bazaar, the largest marketplace on the planet. Merchants from all over the planet come to Khundar Bazaar, making it the teeming, labyrinthine, heart of the city.

Also located in Khundar City is the Herat High Cathedral, the center of the Ministorum’s mission on the planet. This massive sandstone structure dominates the downtown region, standing head and shoulders above all the other buildings. It bristles with communicator arrays, listening devices, and temple servitors.

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Khundar City

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