Fortress of Edessa

Watch-Fortress of the Deathwatch
Castellan: Castellan Tempus Villard
Watch Commander: Legrande Yves
Inquisitor-Adjutant: Cora Gwyn
Epistolary Warden: Damian the Cleansing Fire

High atop the Narsene plateau, Watch-Fortress Edessa towers like a self-contained city. It is, in fact, a city, but it is not self-contained. It relies on the levies from the states below to keep it supplied with the raw materials needed to fuel the Deathwatch in Cruciger Sector.

Over the past four centuries, as Cruciger has been mostly silent to Xenos threat, the Deathwatch has reduced the number of Space Marines present in the fortress down to some 50 or so. Small hoards of administrators and functionaries maintain the fortress and run the politics of the world below.

The atmosphere of Edessa is cold and contemplative. Its vast archives contain the histories of Cruciger and its surrounding sectors, focusing on the extermination of the local alien threats. The Ecclesiarchy maintains a presence in Watch-Fortress Edessa, as does the Adeptus Administratum. The Battle Brothers inhabit the most central and sacred portions of the fortress, dedicated to the worship of the Emperor, to quiet contemplation, and to the preparation of their skills of battle. In concentric rings outward, the fortress is given over to administrators, priests, and the Adeptus Administratum. The very outer walls are manned by regiments of Imperial Guard recruited from Sycorax.


The Watch-Fortress at Edessa is jointly ruled by the Castellan, Tempus, the Watch Commander, Legrande, and the Inquisitor-Adjutant . Together they make all decisions relating to the fortress and its relics. Edessa is particularly notable for its vaults of forbidden xenos lore and technology, under the lock and key of the Epistolary Warden, Damian.

Together, the four senior officers select a fifth Bearer of the Seals to serve for the duration of a single year. These five members make up the Council of Edessa, and help determine Watch-Fortress policy and attitudes, as well as overall strategic goals.

Inquisitor-Adjutant Cora Gwyn reports to her commander, the head of the Ordo Xenos in Cruciger Sector, Anders Hel. She is not well trusted in the fortress, as it is known that High Inquisitor Hel has a great many ties with the Monodominant faction in Cruciger Sector.

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Fortress of Edessa

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